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Trial By Dice Tickets

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So you reckon you’re the greatest Dungeon Master to ever gaze upon the Altars of Madness and come away unscathed?
Or maybe you think you’re a legendary D&D player who walked into the fires of Gethsemane and strolled out of the other side laughing?

If so, why not step up and prove your mettle at Trial By Dice: The Unholy Rite, a competitive (kind of) Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Games Day hosted by Corehammer & Dungeonpunx, with all profits going to support local charities.

Hosted in Leeds at the Temple Of Boom cafe this event will aim to pit Dungeon Master’s against each other to be crowned dice master. How do they accomplish this? By making sure their group of brave adventurers has the most fun out of everyone. There will be a large pile of prizes for both players and DM’s courtesy of the fine humans at Mantic Games, Slow Death Games, Monster Merchants, Full Metal RPG, Severed Books, Super7 Store and more. Tickets are very limited so if you don’t want to miss out we’d advise getting one sooner rather than later.

You don’t need to be a D&D veteran to participate, just being vaguely familiar with the game will be enough. It’s a friendly day where FUN is the keyword and if there is any sign of power gaming we’ll show you no mercy. All that we ask that DM’s come with a copy of the Dungeon Masters Guide and players come with the Players Handbook - this can be a print off or on a phone/tablet, we don’t care.
There will be organisers around to help with any rules issues and we expect any conflicting rules to be amicably ‘house ruled’ between the DM and his group.

The event will take place from 9.45am - 18.30pm, Sunday 29th July at Temple of Boom Cafe, Leeds, LS2 7QG. An email with more detailed instructions and rules for the day will be sent out by the end of May latest to all ticket holders.

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