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Trial By Dice - Crush the Demoniac Tickets

Image of Trial By Dice - Crush the Demoniac Tickets


Sunday September 22nd - Temple of Boom - Leeds

Trial by Dice last year was cool wasn't it? We thought we'd do it again, same venue, same idea, same great day out. Regardless of your experience level, you can play D&D with some cool people in a great venue and win some stuff too if the dice go your way (or even if they don't). A full FAQ article is up on so check that out before purchasing, but we hope to see you there.

Tickets will not be posted, you will just need to know your name on the door. Only buy a DM ticket if you are confident you can run an adventure in a few hours with a group of mixed experience levels (in real life, not in the game as everyone will be using a new character and starting at the same experience level obviously).

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