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Trial By Darkness Tickets

Image of Trial By Darkness Tickets


Inspired by the annual Trial by Dice, we have organised an event where storytellers and players will gather together for a whole day of roleplaying in the World of Darkness.

Tickets are just £5 for both players and storytellers, players just need to turn up with some d10s and some pen and paper.

Storytellers will bring a World of Darkness game of their choosing, be it Vampire, Werewolf, Changleing etc etc, and old or new world of darkness, all are acceptable as long its a world of darkness title and a pre written adventure of their own design to run on the day.

Players will be randomly assigned a table at the start of the event, then the storytellers will spend an hour with their players, assisting them to craft characters for their session. At the end of the day each storyteller will have themselves and their stories judged by their players and one will be crowned the Prince of Darkness 2019.

We will have prizes available and 100% of the proceeds will go to local charity.

The event begins at 12pm and will all be over before 8pm.

We will be playing in a large private function room upstairs in the historic Bridge Hotel in Newcastle, facing the castle keep.

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