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Corehammer Montage Print

Image of Corehammer Montage Print



Our last run of Corehammer shirts proved super popular (natch), and that was mainly because of how people are desperate to associate themselves with a cool crew like us, but also partly because our mate Rich "Nerdgore" did some amazing artwork. While the shirts came out really well (also natch), we decided to do a small run of 40 prints on some heavy stock A3 (I don't know the GSM, but Nathan assures me that they are dope). There will definitely not be a reprint of these, this is your only chance to get them.

Standard disclaimers - This is a pre-order, we hope to send them out in the next two-three weeks, but, as ever, sometimes things get delayed, and i'm also starting a new job which might curtail my mid week posting ability. Just chill though, they will arrive, and will be of top notch quality.

Postage is high as we are going to send these in tubes, rather than folding them up and ruining them. If you order multiple ones, we can ship them in the same tube, but it's really hard to do that in Bigcartel's limited postal options. As a result, just place the order and I will refund the difference as soon as I see it in my e-mail.

Finally, trying something new with postage this time to make it fairer:

If you live in the UK, select "UK".
If you live in Europe, select "Germany".
If you live anywhere else, select "Everywhere else".

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